Royal River Resort

Located adjacent to a gushing waterfall in a tea estate, in the midst of a rain forest, this is an extraordinary retreat and a balm for the soul, for those seeking solitude. The trill of the chirping birds, the refreshing melody of the flowing river and the serene scenery will provide absolute tranquility, while the natural rock pool is also an ideal place to bask in the sun and relax.

This retreat has a unique characteristic, been built according to the lay of the land, with all the rooms having an uninterrupted view of the river. In the stillness of the night, the rhythm of the flowing waters will lull you to sleep.

For those seeking adventure, the rain forest with a variety of exotic birds and plants is an ideal place to explore. For fitness devotees an early morning trek in the tea estate will be an invigorating start for the day.

Being tucked away in a romantic setting, the resort is an intimate haven for honeymooners. A stroll through the tea estate, a dip in the pool and romantic candle lit dinners under the stars will evoke lasting memories for a lifetime.

The Plantation Hotel
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